Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

If there are lot of packages to you through ups fedex or any US postal service, by using there website while tracking your packages you will definitely get doubt while using that similar websites.

Its no tough to track the package: just go to the shipping company website and in the tracking page just enter the provided to that related package.

what about Some package dealers will not provide that how the shipping package is being delivered?

If there a doubt about that package then you visit each company and see that company is shipping your particular package. But after a long time at last you will find that site but this is a time consuming process.

But by using the google site(www.google.com) you may easily find the website in which your package is being delivery . just go to the google search bar and enter the package number and just google it then you will find your related website as a result of that number.

If the format you enter is using by more than one website then you will be provided with number of website for your search result .Then from that list you will find the related site.

In that result of your package number you will find a list of links in that links just click on that the first link for better result of your expectation, otherwise just click on the next link for that link you expect.

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