Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

1.Use the ideas from your audience

Gather the ideas of your audience and by that ideas you may get clarification on what the audience is mostly like to view and you may do an article based on that ideas for faster growth of your website and collecting the ideas from your ideas is the great way while blogging.

2. First post about yourself

Write About yourself don’t think about the others mind set first write about your thoughts, Ideas and experiences figure it out as the best words and keep on writing about you and you inspiration for starting this post and see the response from the user, if anyone of your life style issues is unique and best the you ,may see the audience response.

3. Love your past existing reader

Love the existing users of your website. don’t ignore the audience response. respond to the existing users. don’t sit on the thrones by watching the new users , yes it is important to find the new readers but it is not fare for you that ignoring existing yours, A lot of bloggers is in busy finding the new yours by just ignoring the existing users, you will find that the existing users will help you to grow your site a lot so spend some time on them.

4. Make the content easy to understand

While writing the content keep in mind that the text must easily understandable by the visitor and easily respond to the post and gain some knowledge from your site about what they want, by that quality content some other beginners get inspired from your site to start blogging , By this you may get new users as well, by entering into your website the viewer must get good thoughts about your website.

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