Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Disney is preparing the the sky walkers to get available to the people to download a few days early than we expected but tthe disney is may this instead of bringing the Frozen 2 to Disney plus.

It is the original news from the star wars that it might be launch on march 17 to buy via digital retailer like amazon today and ITunes but the sky walker is not streaming in the disney plus, there is no update on disney plus about streaming date of skywalker.

The disney is taken a good business move that releasing the skywalker ton buy earlier than the frozen 2, since there are lot of people at home due to the covid-19 almost every one like adults and kids by this disney decision that the people will spend time on this skywalker at home instead running to theater. Also that the Disney delayed the releasing of the three theatrical films that are Mulan, New Mutants and Antlers none of the above films releasing at this movement.

But the real and every one’s doubt is that the Sky walker worth the people money and time still if your are at home looking for the best space action movie, the star war is never be the bad idea if you want the star war series is now streaming at disney plus.


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