Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Step 1.

Go to the website ‘https://cybercrime.gov.in/’ and then click on the button showing ‘file a complaint’.

Step 2.

Now in this Step you may have to accept the terms and policy provided by the government after the step 1.

Step 3.

Then you may see a ‘report other crime’ button just click on the button to report.

Step 4.

Then in this step choose the option ‘citizen login’ and fill the key details which was provided by the form like state user name and mobile number.

Step 5.

Then in this step you will be provided with the OTP which was sent to the mobile number you provided and submit that OTP in the provided space and then complete the mathematical captcha and click the submit button.

Step 6.

In this next step there is a form provided to you and in that form you have to enter the key details this form is divided into four parts such as incident details, Suspect details, complaints details and preview and submit.

Step 7.

In this step Incident detail page is provided to you and enter details such as a category of your complaints and then and sub category of the of the complaint. And provide Approximate date and time of the incident happen and where the incident occur and reason for delay in reporting.

Step 8.

If needed you have to provide your social media account details and the URLS and also provide evidences of the crime and click on the ‘Save and Next’ button.

Step 9.

Then in this step you have to provide suspect details such as suspect name, suspect number and suspect details such as suspect address if you have.

Step 10.

In the complaint section you have to provide your details such as your email , your photograph etc.

Step 11.

After entering all details you have to verify that every detail you enter is correct as the idea you have, if all is correct then click on the ‘confirm and submit’ button to successfully file your complaint.

Step 12.

After all your submission of complaint you may also download your complaint as a PDF by clicking on the download button.

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