Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

An important scenario to a hackers


1. Have to update that app time to time :-

There is risks by the use of content management system (CMS).This type of applications may contain vulnerabilities which makes your defense to fully breakdown. If there is a new CMS update you must do it as fast as you can. The CMS makers will mostly inform you when they launch a new update. you must update the plugin time to time which comes with the CMS.

2. Have to install an ssl certificate for your website :-

The padlock on the address bar of your website is always visited by your website visitors. If there is no padlock they will leave your site. The information that transfers between the your web server and the users browser is encrypted by the HTTPS protocol and secures yours website,If your website will contain a sub domain it need wildcard SSL certificate for it

3. Have to keep your domain information private:-

Should keep the domain information protected. And also keep the user information in guard and proceed them after authorization. When creating user credentials we must use the industry practice. This suggest you not use your official email id when user credentials set by you.

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