Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Trick to Track your android device

If you ever lost your android mobile? if yes then you must feel a sad experience after that incident but now it is easy to find your lost if it is provided with a network connection and location is on, then it is easy that just search in any browser and login with the same google account then you may find your lost location and also you may lock your remotely with a password and you may also produce a loud sound even if it is in silent also, and also you may erase your data in the device remotely just by one tap hence from this location you may find your device can use any rooted or non-rooted device.

How to view the swiped away notification on the notification panel

If you ever cleared messages on the notification panel with out reading it properly as a habit? Then by this method you may read your swiped away messages, just tap and hold on your home screen and you may see a list of wallpapers, widgets and tap on widgets and select on the settings shortcut widgets which should like like basic setting gear. Then hold and drag it to the home at any where and In that it allows to choose essential shortcuts like accessibility, app info, battery, devices, memory ,battery etc and just search for the option named as “notification log” in that widget and select it. And in that widget you may see your previous messages here and you may see your swiped away messages here and also you may also view whatsapp deleted messages here

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