Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Unlock the developer options in your Android mobile.

The developer options of your mobile is not unlock by out of the box. since it is not wanted for a normal user, if some one wants to change in his android graphic settings or when want to debug his device when it is connected with the pc then this developer options is required

Following are the steps to unlock the developer options in Android

  • First go to your android device settings.
  • Then go to about phone options.
  • Then find out Where the build number is.
  • And then tap on the build number block repeatedly up to 7 times .
  • Then you will be received with a small pop message on the bottom of the screen that “you are now a developer”
  • Now you may customise as your wish.

Root your Android device

Rooting your android device is a process of controlling your device as a super user that means now we are access the device as a normal third party device that means we are access the directories such as calling messaging texting etc…,

if you need to modify your access on the directories then you have to become a super user by rooting your device by that you may custom ROM then you have to root your device and and by rooting you may also modify your system files for that you may have to root your device by using some apps like kingoroot and some other apps to become a Super user.

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