Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Clear out the Clutter

The main difference between your new laptop and the laptop now is nothing but the installation lot of apps and lot of programs , by just removing the unwanted app’s which your not using and some programs which your not working on it, just remove and uninstall them, make your system free and if that apps were really needed you may install them any time so you may get back your laptop in to new one by this method, just select unwanted stuff and delete it.

The nuclear option

many don’t like this method that in this method you have to delete every thing in your laptop and install a new OS and before that process you have to safely backup your personal and important information and apps to a safe place because everything id going to wipe and which cannot be re-covered and after the wiping process you may feel your PC as a new one and then install all your backup data to this new one safely, you may do it regularly for every few months to experience a new laptop, but there is some risk in this method that while your are backing up your data , if you forget to backup some thing important then it will not be recovery, so be care-full while back up, this is most effective and risky method

Installing third party app which will clear you RAM memory

This also one of the risky method, In the process you have to install any third party app or software to your PC and then by using that software you may clear your RAM data which feels like smooth after using that app or software, but while installing a third party app you may become betray by some fraud app and software so be careful while installing that third party apps, Install only trusted apps

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