Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Many of the people will use small passwords even for an important one also to remember easily but for hackers it is very easy to hack that type of passwords

A good rule for strong password is that the password must contain at least 12 characters length and to improve strength that password should contain number, special characters and also one cap’s letter since this type of passwords are some difficult for hackers to hack your password.

Another type of method to make your passwords strong is condensing a phrase to a code and use the code as a password for example if the phrase was ‘Mother, don’t let your children grow up to be cowboys’ then this type of phrase is converted to password : mD0ntLTurCh1idrN9Rw^p2BCbyZ the password will be in this form tough they are long one but by using them your passwords are so strong .

You may use some formulas for your passwords , Always make the first letter lower case, the first character will be a vowel instead of using in your password you 1’s or ‘!’ this characters and you may use ‘4’ for ‘for’ word use capital letter in at the end of the statement, once if you create your password please remember it.

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