Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

American politician Bernie Sanders made an statement about free healthcare and education by increasing taxes.

But you can save taxes by getting an insurance for your education. Yes, with emerging health challenges and lockdowns, world economy is badly shaken.  And this could eventually affect your budget. This is the time when you need your money to work. Investing in high return goods will help you in taking care of your studies and as well your future.

You can take insurance for your education or you could invest in an insurance for your child’s education.

Cost of living and education is increasing day by day. It is becoming difficult to keep up with the taxes, tuition fee and loans.

Investing in education to save taxes!

By investing in higher education one can save taxes as well as secure their future. You can also prepare for scholarship to get a debt-free degree. Many universities like Harvard, Stanford and Oxford offer the lectures free of cost. These courses help in preparing for scholarship and higher studies.

However, not everyone is gifted, in that case you can apply for insurance. Many insurance agencies offer umbrella coverage policies. This covers theft, damage and health insurance.

Degrees worth investing for!

Near future will see a boom in Artificial Intelligence and Health research work. These degrees will be fruitful and high in demand. In addition to these, one can go for traditional degrees in Engineering, Management and finance.

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